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Records I’ve Bought

Posted in Music with tags , , , , on June 19, 2008 by sodiumnightlife

So my Apple records arrived from Uptown this morning. I bought “Mr Bean,” which is credited to Mr Bean rather than Apple, and the Siegaliser EP. “Mr Bean” is great, but for me its the other slab of vinyl that’s really turning my head. The beats are fuller, less lurching somehow but still as wildly inventive and obsessively detailed. All the tracks across the two EPs are built around similar grimey violin riffs, but the subtle changes keep things interesting. He’s absoutely the most distinctive producer in the scene, and perhaps any scene. I can’t help but feel that people are going to enviously ask “You’ve got “Siegaliser,” on vinyl?!” in five years, while I smugly nod and answer “yeah, I was there.”